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San Diego Web Designer and Writer

Hello, world. I'm Maria Ny, and this is my little slice of cyberspace. I am a San Diego web designer and a writer. I've been doing both for quite some time now (over 10 years). I also have experience with production art--creating artwork for photopolymer, thin steel and permanent steel plates, as well as producing print material.

I do print and web design work commercially, but I'm also very involved with the local community. One of the organizations for which I am doing print and web design work is raising money to teach hip-hop dancing to children K-12, and they need your help. is a non-profit organization 501 (c) (3). Your donations to them are completely tax deductible. Please click the gofundme button to the left to help them achieve their fundraising goal.

I've designed and built large and small sites, and have maintained some for several years. In addition to web design, I also proofread, write and edit print and website content. Here are some of the ways I've helped business people representing a variety of industries:

  • Writing editorials on breaking news that people are interested in reading.
  • Writing articles on 2nd mortgages, exotic mortgages, FICO credit scores and other mortgage-related topics. Here are a couple of new articles I wrote on mortgage-related topics that have calculators: What Does it Take to Qualify for a Mortgage? and How Much Home Can You Afford to Buy?. Enjoy!
  • Writing instruction content for database-driven web applications.
  • Writing instructions on how to use the water test kit that is used for the World Water Monitoring Day Event. It also includes information on what they're testing for and what are generally considered normal results (where possible).
  • Writing bulleted quick-start guides on the use of computer peripherals and software--outlining only what the user specifically needs.
  • Updating and optimizing HTML code in existing websites to make the sites more search engine friendly.

Contact me to find out how I can help you with your web design, writing or editing needs. I can also help you fulfill your production art needs. To get a hold of me immediately, click the Google Voice button below:

mobile phone or credit card.