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Who is Maria Ny?


Maria Ny is an experienced web designer, graphic artist and writer. She started doing web design in 1994 when it was still a pretty new concept to most people. Since the beginning, Maria has expanded her horizons and continued to evolve her designs to be compliant with modern browser standards.

Maria's idea of a website is that, no matter the industry, there always a way to plug some interactivity into the website that will draw the site visitor's attention and hold it. She has designed engaging interactive elements for Acu-Care Health Centers that help people better understand alternative health and acupuncture.

She has also designed web interfaces for MS Access, mySQL and SQL database applications that have been used by a variety of entities, including the Supply Chain department at the Naval Amphibious Base.

In addition to doing web design, Maria also does print work. She has designed brochures, data sheets, business cards and logos, as well as producing artwork for photopolymer and steel plates, exhibiting excellent knowledge of preflight operations including making recreating or editing artwork that is not producible on plates, and doing choke and spread traps to assure that there is no gapping on spot color jobs and expertly handling four-color processes, including those involving complicated gradients.

Maria is also an accomplished writer with her content being published on several web sites. She has written mortgage-related articles and articles on alternative health care and acupuncture. She's also written and edited information on litigated pharmaceutical drugs, consumer-friendly law practice area descriptions and other website content in addition to brochure and datasheet content.

In addition to writing for the web and for print, Maria has proven herself valuable in writing instructional content. The water test kit instructions she wrote for a non-profit organization participating in the World Water Monitoring Day event has helped schools participate in the event that otherwise would have been left out.

Maria Ny is excellent at breaking down complicated materials into layman terms. She's also excellent at collaborating with technical staff and engineers in producing excellent and easy to understand instructions that would otherwise be too difficult for most people to comprehend. She has writes excellent instructions over the email and live chat screens to those needing help with using software applications and performing other tasks.

What is Maria Ny Designs?

Maria Ny Designs is my way of expressing the services I can provide to you. A lot of thought goes into the designs I make. Websites I design are easy to navigate and make sense. I take the time to make content as useful and interactive as possible. The instructional content I write is also designed. I design the readership flow, the formatting and the illustrations. I also design how the content navigates and will also put in interactive elements, where possible.

Maria Ny Designs is all about design of web and print content. It is also about upgrading designs to be compliant with modern browser standards. I am excellent at taking existing sites and overhauling the code, so it's easier to work with and easier for the search engines to index. Additionally, I can work with designers--they can send me Photoshop files of how they want the site to look, and I'll slice it and code it to their satisfaction. Then, I test it in the popular browsers to assure that the site's look is maintained and that it works consistently among the browsers.

Contact me today if you have website or production art needs. Also, feel free to contact me if you have instructional content that you need written.