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Like animals? Then, you've come to the right place. Read fascinating facts about animals and test your animal knowledge with mini-quizzes and other fun, interactive elements that make learning about animals even more fun.

  • Animal Fact or Fiction
    How well can you tell animal fact from fiction? Some of the results may surprise you. You'll have to go there to find out what I mean.
  • Bats - Order Chiroptera
    Bats aren't as creepy as you may think. They're actually very beneficial to the environment. Read this article to learn more about these little nighttime critters.
  • Cats - Family Felidae
    Learn about the currently recognized species of cat. There's already been one recent new species discovery. Find out about it and other species of big and small cats.
  • Civet Coffee
    What the heck is civet coffee? You'll need to read the article to find out.
  • Do Spitting Cobras Really Spit?
    Spitting snakes? Now, I've heard everything. Is there such a thing as spitting cobras, and do they really spit? Read the article - you'll find out.
  • How Do Flying Snakes Fly?
    Flying snakes? Do they even exist? Yes they do exist. So, how do they fly? Read the article to find out how.
  • Organic Poultry
    This was written with the holidays in mind, but is also very useful to know even after the holidays. Find out about organic poultry and why you should buy it.
  • Spots Before My Eyes
    Learn about some commonly confused spotted cats and find out how well you can tell the difference among them.
  • The World's Only Flying Mammals
    There is only one mammal that can fly. Is it the flying squirrel? The flying lemur? Read the interactive article to find out.
  • Zoobooks X-Ray Lab
    What the heck is a "Zoobooks X-Ray Lab" anyway? It's actually something that's kind of cool. Check it out - thousands of Zoobooks subscribers love it and requested it time and time again.