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While content is king, interactive elements are what keep people on your website. Your website should not only be informative, but also interactive and engaging. Interactive elements help people retain knowledge they gain from your site and make your site interesting because they invite the user to actually DO something. Regular addition of interactive elements on your site will have users coming back for more.

The following are examples of some of the interactive elements I've done for my site and for my clients. Check them out, and see how much more interesting the content is when it invites you to interact with it. People like to do things. Reading is nice, but actually doing is so much more fun. Isn't it? All of the following links except for the links to the first three bulleted items go to outside websites, so a new browser window will open when you click the links.

  • What Does it Take to Qualify for a Mortgage? - this explains how it takes more than good credit scores to qualify for a home mortgage loan. It also has an interactive calculator that gives a basic snapshot of the reader's debt-to-income-ratio.
  • How Much Home Can You Afford to Buy? - this is a good article to read once the reader has an idea of what his/her debt-to-income ratio is because it has an interactive calculator that helps the site visitor determine how much of a mortgage he/she may be able to afford. It gives enough information to help the reader come to a more informed decision on whether or not he/she is ready to look into buying a home.
  • Spots Before My Eyes - These big cats all have spotted coats, which is why a lot of people get them confused. Here's a fun way to sort out the confusion and learn more about some truly beautiful animals. Start off by seeing if you can tell which spotted coat belongs to which cat. Then, click through the navigation tabs to learn more about the cats and hear how they sound.
  • Zoobooks X-Ray Lab - This was something that I made up for the Zoobooks "Virtual Zoo Animals", interactive moduled on featured animals in their magazine. This became so popular with the kids and parents, I ended up having to do a bunch of them because I was specifically requested to do so. The concept is simple enough and doesn't take much to put together (other than the work I did on the on the images). But, people love it!
  • Your Acupuncture IQ - A fun little quiz that I put together for Acu-Care Health Centers, a San Diego acupuncturist with two locations: one in Central San Diego and one in Bonita, CA. Learn about acupuncture in a fun and interactive way.
  • Five Element Theory Questionnaire - According to traditional Chinese philosophy, we are surrounded by five constantly moving and changing energy fields: earth, wood, fire, metal and water. Oriental Medicine uses this time-tested, diagnostic model to analyze how the various parts of a person's body and mind interact to affect health. Check out this interactive element that gives people an idea of which of their elements are out of balance.
  • Podcast for Bodyworx Physical Therapy - Bodyworx Physical Therapy had a list of links to MP3 audio files. I wasn't satisfied with that and turned that boring list into an iPod-compliant podcast that is also a XML-compliant RSS feed. This helps open up his site to even more potential visitors and provides them with a way to use his information off-line on their iPods or iTunes on their computers. I also wrote the instructions at the bottom on how to download individual files and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, myYahoo and myGoogle. Note: clicking the link to the podcast will open a new browser window.

Animal Fact or Fiction
What a fun way to help kids of all ages dispel myths about animals! Even the biggest kids of all--adults--enjoy learning about animals. Try them out, and see how well you can tell animal fact from fiction.

Wouldn't you like people to stay on your website? Visits are nice, but they're not very useful if people don't stay. Contact me today, so I can help make your site more interesting and engaging by adding interactive elements. Also, feel free to contact me if you have website, production art needs or if you need some instructional content written.