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Water Monitoring Testing

After Testing is Complete

You've now conducted all your testing and recorded the results on your field data sheet. Now, what's next? First, you will need to dispose of your reacted test samples. While in the field, reacted samples can be poured together into a waste container for later disposal. NEVER dump the reacted samples back into the body of water from where you took the sample. The last thing we want to do is to contribute to the water quality problems we already are having.

When you get back to your class or organization, dispose of the reacted samples by flushing them down the drain with excess water. This will dilute the testing tablets to where they will no longer be harmful to any water into which your sink drains.

E-mail your test results to These results will become part of the large database that is maintained by America's Clean Water Foundation.

Disposing of samples. Disposing of samples by flushing them down the drain with excess water.

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This full-featured set of instructions took an extremely technical and difficult-to-understand set of instructions and broke them down into layman terms that school teachers were able to understand. As a result two foreign schools in Uzbekistan and Warsaw, Poland were able to participate in the World Water Monitoring Day event. These instructions also served as the replacement for the on-site training that some of the local teachers missed.

If you need help writing or editing instruction content, contact me today. I'm also really good at testing the accuracy of procedures. I will actually go through the process of whatever the instructions cover and ask questions if I come across something unclear or inaccurate. Then, I rewrite what's unclear or inaccurate. I also include applicable computer screen shots for software instructions and other illustrations to help the user better understand the task they are performing.